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This has been the experience of so many initiates: they came to realize that all they had lost and all the trials they had endured had simply been the means of their liberation You must adopt this philosophy, otherwise, when you should be singing canticles of praise and thanksgiving to the lord, you will always find some excuse to be miserable.

Featured Teacher: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Acquiring willpower is equally lengthy and difficult. But anyone can express love easily and instantly, because love is right there inside you, and it is only up to you to find it. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, you will always have love in your heart and the possibility of expressing it. It is not a matter of loving this or that person in particular, but of feeling love as a spring ready to bubble up, a radiant energy, brimming over and pouring out into infinity.

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Only disinterested love for all creatures will allow you to find the true poetry you so need. Whatever you are busy doing, try to become one with the love that will bring harmony to your features, and you will become a beneficial presence for everyone.

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  • Featured Teacher: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.
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Over the course of seven long years of research I was to find that he was even more extraordinary than anything I could have imagined ; a creator of beauty, love, and brotherhood for the whole human family; an architect of a new age on earth. What he wished for humanity still seemed so remote, so difficult to achieve. And yet he himself was so much a part of the incarnate world, and his teaching was so well adapted to our needs that we knew we were right to hope. Indeed, our hopes grow stronger and stronger.

He moved to England to do his postgraduate research at Durham University and subsequently lived for 23 years in the United States.

The Life of a Master in the West: The Biography of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

In , Georg and his wife and spiritual partner, Brenda L Feuerstein, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada and in he became a citizen of Canada, where he died 25 August He began studying with him when a teenager, and joined the Order when he was He studied meditation with Olivia Robertson[2] in Ireland, who later founded the Fellowship of Isis, and in his twenties he founded The Esoteric Society in London, which organised journeys for members to Bulgaria and Egypt, and hosted talks by well-known authors such as Gareth Knight, W.

Butler, and Arthur Guirdham. Moving between rock music, rhythm and blues, reggae and jazz, the multi-instrumentalist Pascu founded a number of bands and registered success particularly during the early s, when he was the lead singer of a group known as The Blue Workers. Pascu was the manager of several alternative music acts with his label Tempo Music, and remains an outspoken critic of Romanian commercial radio.

Download a free 20-minute ‘Living Spirit’ Meditation with Ram Dass

Noted for his impressions and musical acts within Divertis' political satire shows, Pascu was also a successful actor, appearing in film productions such as Lucian Pintilie's An Unforgettable Summer and Cristian Mungiu's Occident, and portraying known characters in Romanian theater in various stage. Ouriel Zohar in Ouriel Zohar born , is an Israeli and French theater director, playwright, poet and translator from French to Hebrew. He has published articles[2] in the field of theater and academic journals in English, French, Slovene language, German language and Hebrew.

Yorgos Manessis 26 May — 27 January , was a Greek pianist and pedagogue, with a short but significant career as soloist. Childhood — Manessis was born on 26 May in Piraeus, Greece.


There he had the privilege of enjoying a quite unique upbringing, combining freedom and strict discipline sleep, diet e. Body [gymnastics, Dalcroze Eurhythmics his mother playing at the piano while he dance , boating, horse riding, trekking, swimming] and mind piano lessons, attending school e.

It was an upbringing that — according to Manessis himself — laid the foundation for his later artistic endeavours. Pedagogical career Direc. Gordon Melton; Martin Baumann 21 September Chapter2, Location Feuerstein, Georg Chapter 1, location Feuerstein, Georg Chapter 1 location "Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Biography". Retrieved Feuerstein, Georg