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Oct 7, Full Review…. Sep 26, Full Review…. Jan 26, Full Review…. May 20, Full Review…. Aug 1, Full Review…. Jun 17, Rating: 3. View All Critic Reviews Sep 25, It is a beautiful thing to see how this British anthology of horror stories is so eclectic and relies mostly on an intelligent dialogue, having completely influenced the genre ever since and offering us five tales ranging from spooky to funny to chilling to creepy as hell.

Carlos M Super Reviewer.

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Mar 07, A super-psycho-natural flick. For a flick, the scripting seems quite advanced. Not the best, but definitely worth a watch and maybe even more entertaining if you can resist looking for plot-holes. Feb 10, Many of the reviews I've read over the years of "Dead of Night" seem to sideline the "Christmas Party" episode as being less successful and effective than the other stories involved.

At first, I tended to agree with them; however, after a while it dawned on me that there was something rather unusual about the sequence that I couldn't quite place my finger on. Normally, in a ghost story, any part of the story containing the appearance of the ghost looks rather unreal in comparison with the everyday part to underline the supernatural aspect of the spectre's apparition. However, in this particular story, it's the real children's party that looks unreal, and the supernatural ghost that looks real.

The party shows a massive house, with a roaring log fire, loads of toys, food, etc, and the children enjoying themselves enormously, without any adults present. It has the look of a fantasy of the perfect party any child would want. However, the meeting with the young boy seems more rooted in reality, and this is the irony of the story - that Constance Kent, the sister he mentions, actually did exist and did admit to killing her younger brother.

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In real life, the boy was actually a baby when he was murdered, but his age has obviously been changed so that Sally could talk to him. This gives an extra poignancy to the story, in that he likes Sally and presumably would have wanted her for his real sister, but instead had Constance, who killed him - the worst crime she could have committed against a helpless child. I think it would be wrong to overlook this sequence as unworthy of comment, and reassess its value in "Dead of Night".

It may not be as frightening as the famed ventriloquist story, but it does carry an emotional power which is perhaps its strongest point. Cassandra M Super Reviewer. Jan 13, The horror potmanteau that spwaned them all which, today, is still the best. Five short stories and a linking narrative, varying from dark to light to very dark. Many later British horror portmanteaus, particularly by Amicus, trace their roots back to this excellent picture. Ground breaking. The S Super Reviewer.

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Stranger Things. Big Little Lies. The Last Czars. Comments Comment by JavanHale I've never found surviving something so confusing Comment by Acetylcholine Geeze what a buggy quest. Make sure you don't kill the adds too far away from Nathanos, and make sure you let Tyrande aggro onto Nathanos first before you attack.

in the dead of night

Otherwise the quest will bug out and you'll be forced to abandon. Comment by alpanhell Such a confusing quest. Even story-wise it's nutso. Sira shows up almost dead because I phased to a fight with her, didn't even realize it at the time , waiting for tyrande who doesn't show up. Tyrande shows up, you beat her I guess, she runs off to darkness, Malfurion shows up, then Val'kyr fights them for some reason, Val'kyr gets killed. Then even though it felt like we won, we run off.

Comment by BeyZia I logged out and back in and it did not help, ended up abandoning and restarting a few times Whenever i stood in front of Nathanos i think i scared Tyande off and she bugged out I eventually took out the ranged mobs first and drew the melee back behind Nathanos so Tyrande could agro onto him. Happy days. Comment by mburch Once you complete this quest you port back to Zandalar and you will find a new portal to Darkshore has appeared next to the Arathi Highlands one.

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You can take this portal to back to a newly renovated Darkshore to do world quests in the "Battle for Darkshore" if your faction controls the zone. These newly unlocked world quests give a variety of rewards like gold, AP, and Honorbound Service Medal. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair.


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