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Add to Cart. Picos, elaborated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are typical Spanish tapas crackers, in the form of very small crunchy loafs of bread. Simply exquisite. Crunchy in every bite and generous with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with black olive bits that gives a unique taste. Crumb free bread. Its origins date back to the times of settlers: during their long trips to the New World, they needed high-energy, moisture and time resistant food.

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Also, very suitable as croutons for gazpacho, cream soups and purees. They can also be taken alone as a snack. No preservatives, no artificial colors. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct light. White bread taste.

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Light brown colour and very crunchy texture. Low in fat, cholesterol free and made with natural ingredients.

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Crisp, rich flavor and aroma. Perfect for many occasions, such as snacks before meals, meal accompaniment. A new tool to squeeze data from separation techniques-mass spectrometry couplings Erny G. Volume , 21 February , Pages 89— Isopropyl derivative of cyclofructan 6 as chiral selector in liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis Maier V. Volume , 18 April , Pages — Micro-electromembrane extraction across free liquid membranes.

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Extractions of basic drugs from undiluted biological samples. Volume , 11 April , Pages 32— Characterization of a multiple endogenously expressed adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette transporters using nuclear and cellular membrane affinity chromatography columns. Habicht, N. Singh, M. Khadeer, R. Shimmo, I.

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Wainer, R. Moaddel Volume , 25 April , Pages Novel cation selective exhaustive injection-sweeping procedure for 5-nitroimidazole determination in waters by micellar electrokinetic chromatography using dispersive liquid—liquid microextraction.

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Koppula, Blanca H. Lapizco-Encinas Volume , 30 May , Pages Study of deoxyribonucleic acid—ligand interactions by partial filling affinity capillary electrophoresis. Addition of reagents to the sheath liquid: A novel concept in capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry Tim J.

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Klampfl Volume , 23 May , Pages — An optical relay approach to very low cost hybrid polymer-complementary metal-oxide semiconductor electrophoresis instrumentation Gordon H. Hall, David L. Sloan, Tianchi Ma, Madeline H. Couse, Stephane Martel, Duncan G.

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Elliott, D. Moira Glerum, Christopher J. Backhouse Volume , 4 July , Pages — Search in:.


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