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Lafuma: fr. In— 4. Car t. FAY Bernard. Citoyen du monde. Ligues et complots Coll. In-8, 12 fig. Nobles vies. Les Grandes figures coloniales. Les Documents bleus Br. La Syrie, par Robert de Caix. Historiens chiliens, pages choisies. Pillement Coll. IV : La fin de la guerre.

Les Grandes Etudes historiques. IUNG Nicolas. LAMB Harold. Traduit de l'anglais par P. Robert Coll. Italie i , Grece i8g3. In-8 raisin. III Novembre -juin lyly. Les Mysteres de la guerre Coll. Le Crapouillot. Trad, de l'Allemand par Alfred Poizat. Chaque vol.

Peuples et Civilisations. Col — Les Revenants.

IIe tome. Carnet de route de la mission saharienne Fou-reau-Lamy i8g8-igoo. Pour monplaisir. In double couronne. In-8 alfa cour. ROZ Firmin. Publications de l'institut d'Oslo. Etude historique et sociale. Les Livres du jour. In-8, 3 k croquis et 3g grav. TOTH L.

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Bulletin of the international. Committee of Historical Sciences. Ges-chichte des Prediger-Klosters St. Nicolai in Chur. I : Les. ZEYS Louise. Une fille de la vraie Alsace. Les Documents. Les Rythmes. Les Rites. Traduit de l'allemand par Jean Perrin. Logique et morale. Les Cahiers de. Le Cabinet cosmopolite. Philosophes et Moralistes , en. In-8 couronne. L'anneau d'or. L'Anneau d'or.

Lectures d'été

Cahiers de la Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieuses. Essai sur la formation de quelques themes hagiographiques. In-8, Br. Livres catholiques. ADAM Karl. In-8 cour. In, 35o ill. Billets de l'oncle Benjamin. BRUN H. Radio-Sermons ig3o. De la Cour au Carmel. It is at the heart of the lake city and yet provides a serene and calm stay. Nepathya is best known for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth-friendly pop and rock tune. Publication Nepalaya is one of the leading publication houses of Nepal.

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Use your Uber account to order a delivery from Le Nepalaya in Grenoble. Book with Price Match Guarantee! Further References: A. Calabasas, CA, Etats-Unis. Being the life and teaching of Gautama as told in verse by an Indian Buddhist. Large Paper Edition limited to fifty numbered copies of which this is No. Title-page printed in red and black.

Inserted portrait frontispiece with original tissue-guard. Bound ca. Small bookplate removed from front paste-down. Chemised in the original? A quite spectacular 'Pointille' binding in an Oriental design. Sir Edwin Arnold K. The first edition of the book was published in London in July In the form of a narrative poem, the book endeavors to describe the life and time of Prince Gautama Siddhartha, who after attaining enlightenment became The Buddha, The Awakened One.

The book presents his life, character, and philosophy, in a series of verses. It is a free adaptation of the Lalitavistara. A few decades before the book's publication, very little was known outside Asia about the Buddha and Buddhism, the religion which he founded, and which had existed for about twenty-five centuries. Arnold's book was one of the first successful attempts to popularize Buddhism for a Western readership. The book has been highly acclaimed from the time it was first published, and has been the subject of several reviews.

It has been translated into several languages, including Hindi. Description de l'article : C. With the often missing half-titles present. This is one of only copies printed of this work. Generally regarded as the first major statement of his own unsystematic philosophy, this 'fragment' is a literary and philosophical tour de force incorporating a stunning array of subject matter, literary effects, and moods, including melancholy aphorisms and personal meditation, elaborate musical, dramatic and literary criticism, lyrical effusions, odd essays on unhappiness and boredom, a strange 'Seducer's Diary' and, in the second volume, an extended treatise on marriage, the human personality and the ethical life in the form of a letter from a Judge to a younger man, capped by a sermon sounding a note of radical doubt about both the aesthetic and ethical justifications for existence.

It is a curious bundle of papers, essays, semi-dialogues and notes, seemingly ill-assorted, but in fact dialectically arranged. Adopting what he called an 'aesthetic attitude' he held that this consisted in balancing possibilities, and that in matters religious and ethical it was up to the individual to make his choice. Choice, as the title of his work suggests, was at the root of Kierkegaard's theory. There can be no system of existence, only a system of ideas.

From this he develops his thesis of 'Existence" since taken up by the modern Existentialist , in which human beings considered as subjects not objects are the only real existence: their reflective as opposed to active nature being focused on the 'acts' of making perpetual decisions" PMM, pp. Contemporary embossed cloth with gilt decorations and lettering on the spines which have been lightened by the sun.

The half title volume one has the author's real name handwritten beneath the pseudonym Victor Cremita and someone has tried unsuccessfully to eradicate this - leaving the name and a small dark cloud around it.

118 Islands

This failed attempt has bled over to the title page which shows a small cloudy stain in the corresponding location. See photos. The title page of volume 2 has a small, faded purple circular stamp with no lettering in the lower right corner. Other than these noted imperfections, this is a really lovely copy of this important work in Western Philosophy. Description de l'article : John Dawson, London, Etat : Very Good. First edition, first issue, with the leaves of "Authors cited in this booke. All in all a very good and more importantly complete copy. In , around the time that Biathanatos was originally composed, Donne wrote to his friend Henry Goodyer, 'Every Tuesday I make account that I turn a great hourglass, and consider that a week s life is run out since I writ.

But if I ask myself what I have done in the last watch, or would do in the next, I can say nothing. Couverture rigide. Etat : Moyen. Edition originale. Dimensions des feuillets : 17,5 x 22,5cm. Bandeaux, lettrines et culs-de-lampe. Allemagne, les Pays-Bas, l? Angleterre, l? Irlande et l? Ibrahim Beg, constitue, aujourd?

Berse was born in Goes on the island of Walcheren in Zeeland, the Netherlands. After his studies in Louvain he went to Coimbra in where he entered the Jesuit order. Paul's College in Goa and entrusted him with the provincialate of the Indian Mission. He died in Goa on 6 October With engraved armorial bookplate of John Drummond of Logy Almond on back of title-page. In very good condition. The cords were never attached to the vellum cover and the endleaves never pasted down, so that the cover is held on by the headbands laced through at the hinges.

Description de l'article : First Dutch edition of the first 3 volumes of The modern part of an universal history, devoted to the life of Muhammad and the history of Arabia under the first four Caliphs to the taking of Baghdad by the Mongols , which put an end to the Abbasid Caliphate. The work, based partly on George Sale's authoritative studies on the Quran and Arabian history, includes fine views of Baalbek and the Ka'ba in Mecca.

If was translated into several European languages and formed an important source of information about Arabian history. Spines damaged, otherwise in very good condition and wholly untrimmed vols. In-8 de 46 ff.

Livre Sentence Examples

Edition originale tr? Citons celui qui le premier de tous a voulu tenter de r? Celui-ci s'appelait Andr? Du Croquet, et avait nom Croquetius dans le monde savant de son temps ; n? Douai au commencement du XVIe si? Valenciennes, lorsque, pendant les troubles de religion qui d? Du Croquet y pr? C'est par la publication bizarre d'un choix de ses sermons sur les psaumes de la p? Ayant support?

Ce livre singulier de Du Croquet est donc un monument pr? Il nous montre qu'elle se rapproche beaucoup, pour certains mots, de celle aujourd'hui en usage parmi les villageois de la m? Suivant son orthographe, Du Croquet supprime enti? C'est principalement cette singularit? Duthilloeul, Galerie douaisienne ou Biographie des hommes remarquables de la ville de Douai, p.

Ex-libris : Anno Petrus Masureel Gandensis, I. Canonicus Ecllesiae Cathedralis Tornacensis. Bon exemplaire, grand de marges ; v? Brunet, II, :? Ce livre peu commun est remarquable par la singuli? GmbH Vienna, A, Autriche. Description de l'article : Zurich, Johann Jakob Bodmer, Text in Latin, Hebrew and Arabic. Contemporary vellum with ms. Fine copy of the authoritative second edition of Hottinger's chief work, expanded by several long sections in the original languages. Principal work of the theologian Hottinger , a founder of oriental linguistics. Includes extensive chapters on the Prophet's genealogy, the main doctrines and the religious context of Islam, as well as many lengthy quotations in Arabic.

While preparing the "Historia Orientalis", Hottinger had to cope with several problems, the most important being the lack of Arabic printing types. In the first edition of he had solved this issue by transliterating the Arabic quotations into Hebrew and using Hebrew letters with 'niqquds' to cover the Arabic alphabet.

In the s, however, the Swiss printers Johann Jakob and Heinrich Bodmer had started the casting of Arabic, Syriac and Samaritan types in their own foundry, and the present second edition of the "Historia" could be printed with Arabic types. Hottinger presents the entire body of knowledge about Islamic history and religion available at the time. He revised the first edition, published in , during his stay in Heidelberg in , where he had been summoned by the Elector Palatine. VD 17, N. Chauvin XI, Ibrahim-Hilmy I, Brunet III, Graesse III, Paisey H I, H Not in Smitskamp.

Folding engraved frontispiece map, some foxing and offsetting. Half blue morocco minor rubbing to extremities. His book "contains many interesting observations about Indian trade and traders, Indian religion, customs and beliefs" Clark Adair's experience was firsthand, he lived and traded among the Cherokee, Catawba and Chickasaw tribes. Description de l'article : Macmillan, Both English language releases are difficult to come by in any condition approaching collectability standards.

Publisher's blue-grey cloth, spine gilt-titled, top edge gilt retained albeit a bit dusty, minor rubbing, minor wear to spine ends and corners, spine lightly toned, a few old owner notes in the text and owner signature dated , otherwise internally quite clean. Those points notwithstanding, it s a sound unrepaired Near Fine copy and a quasi-miraculous survival in this condition. Ours is an excellent copy priced with care for those with a genuine desire to own this important text.

Fyodor is one of the great geniuses of the last few centuries. His painfully accurate revelations about human psychology and the ever present inner strife between our moral, rational, and passionate natures strike the reader s core like a pinpoint supercharged lightning bolt. Cordier, Indosinica, cols.

It was printed in the same year as the first Rome edition.

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Pimenta gives a detailed report of the work and progress of the Jesuit missions at Goa and elsewhere in India, including a report of his observations during his travels in northern India and an account of the ancient Indian Syriac Christian community known as the Saint Thomas Christians. He also includes news of the Jesuit work in the Moluccas and China, and reports that the Jesuits in Cambodia have turned over their mission to the Dominicans and Franciscans.

Nicolao Pimenta, born north of Lisbon, studied at the universities of Evora and Coimbra. Appointed visitor for the East Indies which included India in , he arrived at Negapatam on the southeast Indian coast in and became one of the few Europeans to venture far into the interior. In fine condition, with only an occasional minor and mostly marginal spot. The binding is somewhat wrinkled and dirty, but still very good. Description de l'article : Par M. Paris, Durand, Pissot, , 2 vol.