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Two summers ago, I went to his house in China. He prepared a big meal for my whole family.

2. He's full of dad humor.

As we were eating, he talked about how small I was when he last saw me and how tall I am now. Even though I always tell him not to buy a lot of stuff for me, he said that he wants to.

I knew he just wanted me to have a good vacation. My dad works hard to support my education. His work hours are a. He must be very tired. He shares my love of planting things and to keep fish. We have a windowsill packed with terra cotta pots. He keeps a complete gallon aquarium with six fish while I keep a 1.

Because of our hobbies, I feel connected to him. My older brother Michael is like a father to me. He is 20 years old. My brother also watches sports with me like the Lakers and the Yankees. We like joking with each other about who will win. He helps me with my homework when I need it. Since he already graduated from high school, he should be able to do it. I want to tell you about my dad.

He is the best dad ever. My favorite thing is spending time with him. My dad goes on a lot of business trips. He puts such a smile on my face and brings me gifts. My dad is the coolest, funniest, nicest and silliest dad ever. I love him! Dear Dad, I will never forget how hard it was to ride my bike without training wheels, but with your guidance, I have become a bike master who even surpasses you.

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Because of you, I have learned to love biking and consider it one of my favorite pastimes. Also, you have shown and helped me enjoy the many wonderful museums of the city. My dad, Moussa, is funny, fantastic and helpful. He loves being a taxi driver. He really likes seeing new places. He is helpful.

He really wants to see a clean community, not a messy one. He picks up garbage off the street and near our home. He picks up cans and bottles and puts them in the right place. My dad is great because he makes me laugh with his funny faces and the way he reads my books at night.

He is always there for me and he looks out for me. He loves me with all his heart and he would do anything for me. We have a special relationship and he is my loving daddy. He takes me places that some people have never been before, and makes them enjoyable. He can turn a sad mood into a happy mood. For example, when my neighbor died, he rented a comedy for my family.

My dad takes my family on camping trips. During one of them, there was an opportunity to go horseback riding. I was very scared, but my dad encouraged me to do it. So, I tried it and loved it! From a young age, my father, Edward DeSouza, has been a man of his word. His dedication to being a working college student, to a rising employee, to a retiree, has left him a legacy that me and my siblings could only wish to achieve half of.

My dad is the reason I wake up every morning, and his fight to fight the good fight allows me to fight mine, as well. When I was younger, if you were to tell me one of my best friends would one day be my father, I would laugh in your face. My parents divorced when I was 2, so my dad has visiting rights.

He was always so busy trying to make my sisters and me happy that he never had time to teach me anything, not even baseball. I learned it all on my own. I look up to my dad because of all the things he does. He has four kids and works from 7 a. He always looks at the glass half full.

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Our dad is a New York State trooper. He protects the people and the town. He once broke his thumb from fighting a criminal. He stays up all night long when he is working. Even though he is tired, he coaches our baseball and soccer teams. He teaches us how to play sports and takes us to baseball games. Our dad loves us and takes care of when our Mom is at work. He is very strong and carries us when we get tired on hikes. Our dad is very funny.

He always makes up songs about us and our mom to make us laugh. We are very lucky to have the best dad in the world! When I was 8, my dad taught me how to ride my bike. My father taught me how to make a chocolate mousse pie when I was We licked the bowl when we were done. We are both morning people. Every Sunday when I am with my dad, we buy bagels from the store. We make homemade cream cheese. We sit down together and have father-daughter time. These are the times I enjoy spending with my dad. My dad tells me he is also my friend, and I can count on him. He makes people laugh at my birthday parties, and he comes up with humorous games for everyone to play.

We play Pin the Tail on the Donkey and break pinatas, or we play musical chairs. He makes the games fun because the adults must participate, too. Notify me of new posts by email. Wind the mummy up — A parenting parody. Sharing A Shell — A parenting parody. Get dressed right now! The sound machine. The agony of being fat shamed. Like this: Like Loading You Might Also Like. Quotes to remind you that you are…. Kate says:. June 16, at pm. Claire Rocks says:. This seemed to be an incredible feat, even for a superhero.

All I could do was stare at him through the rearview mirror in suspense. Let me summon my powers.


Abra Cadabra! And just like THAT, for one split second, the rain stopped! The great drops ceased to fall from the heavens. It was a miracle! I was shocked. My dad really was a superhero. How could I not have known? For years, his powers had eluded me. He must have hidden his gadgets and weapons in the garage. Skip to Main Content Area. Watch our trailers!