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Why Do Cats Run from the Litter Box After Pooping?

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Encopresis 101 — Understanding Your Child’s Condition

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101 Uses for a Turd

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Hsiao S. Gathering the uses has been an unexpectedly funny and enjoyable experience, I hope you enjoy reading these ideas as much as I enjoyed compiling them! For wholesale enquiries about this book, contact info dog-and-bone. Both times I hopped back to the hotel and through the lobby to the bathroom to clean my shoe … and … both times I had three poo bags in my pocket! Wish I had read this book earlier. Sally Marchant has been working with dogs and other animals a wide variety, from hamsters to zoo animals since she was 12 years old.

Sally graduated at Bishop Burton with a First Class Honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training and has since run training classes, run behaviour consults and appeared as a guest speaker at seminars. Sally films and edits articles for www. Sally teaches seminars to help people train their dogs to be ready for TV and film work and regularly provides dogs from the 'available dogs' page of www. Sometimes, to the point of an obsession!

We watch their every move and want to understand just what they are doing and why. One of the things cat guardians seem perhaps overly curious about is why cats, after a bowel movement, sometimes leap from their litter box and dart away as if they are being chased. Bernocco goes on to say that cats are running because, in the wild, the smell of poop will attract predators.

No specific experts in veterinary medicine or animal behavior are mentioned, nor does it provide any references to scientific research on the matter. This important point I can confirm, and want to give special attention. Such discomfort could be caused by infections or inflammatory processes involving the urinary tract, colon or rectum.

It could even be caused by constipation issues.