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I remember that Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier of the Second World War and that he became an actor after having played himself in a mediocre film recounting his heroic exploits.

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I remember that one of the first decisions that de Gaulle took on coming to power was to abolish the belt worn with jackets in the military. I remember that once the counter and the kitchen area of the restaurant La Petite Source in Boulevard Saint-Germain were situated on the right of the entrance and not, as now, on the left in the back.

I remember the strips of mica or celluloid that people used to fix on the front of their hoods near the radiator cap and which stopped mosquitoes and aphids from hitting the windscreen. Remember Me. This sounds SOOO cheezy, but if you stay up with them all night and just spiritually or physically move through to the rising sun, its a very profound experience.

I Remember

To me this whole song can apply to the situation ive recently had. I think he's talking about a friend I know. Who is now making music after years of giving up on it.

He goes by the name of Produce Dept. He has talked about meeting Deadmau5 in the past before he became famous and how he helped Deadmau5 by telling him who to contact. Flag matthewke on September 15, Flag oryn on April 04, General Comment Love this song! Saw deadmau5 play it twice this year, and it rocked. About a relationship that is over but both or one of them still "remembers" how strong their love was when they were together.

I Remember, I Remember

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Love this song, deadmau5 is the best, so is Kascade's voice, it sounds like Also spine tingling. The voice is not Kaskade's it's Haley Gibby's. She just came out with her own album under the name 'Haley'. Check out the 'acoustic' version of I Remember: dl. General Comment Amazing track by Deadmau5!! General Comment Bleh Not to spoil the good jeers guys, but, even if the song may be straightforward in meaning, aren't the comments for deciphering the meaning of the song and such?

I Remember: A Film About Joe Brainard

DarkOneLuck was the only one that didn't include a rather pointless post, aside from ArbPotatoes' explanation to the noobs about Kaskade not being the vocalist. Idk, just my two cents Flame me all you want. You won't find many songs with only comments about the meaning, you'll have to get used to that.

IMO it's fine for people to say they like the song, although I would prefer a little example of what they like, otherwise there isn't anything to know other than someone is a fan. Also, despite saying the meaning may be straightforward, you did not comment on the meaning yourself. I really like this song.

I Remember When

The meaning seems to me that the speaker remembers the love in an old, ended relationship positively, and hopes the other half does too. DarkOnesLuck summed it all up, "you don't have to give up to let go.

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General Comment You don't have to give up to let go remember turning on the the night And moving through the morning light Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Deadmau5, Awesome, Song 1 progressive house 1 kaskade 1 Log in to add a tag. More deadmau5 Lyrics.